Opportunities for Action

Thank you for your interest in ASK. You can get involved the following groups:
Parent Advisory Group (PAG)
Michigan Legislature

Parent Advisory GroupParent Advisory Group (PAG)
The Parent Advisory Group is made up of active parents who want to make a difference in the community by improving the system of mental health care and education for children with mood, behavioral, and emotional disorders.

PAG is charged with serving as the advisory group for the Kalamazoo Wraps initiative to ensure family voice is taken into account as programs and policies are developed.

The mission of PAG is:
To empower parents to provide input into Kalamazoo Wraps so together we can enhance the quality of life for our youth, families and community

Please contact (269) 343-5896 for more information.

Michigan Legislature
The Michigan House of Representatives and Michigan Senate can be reached via email, telephone, or old-fashioned postal mail. To find out about a specific bill, go to www.legislature.mi.gov.